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About This Play/Drill

This is the 1-4 high version of a previous baseline inbounds play (BLOB) that I posted called "Down".  If a team likes to play man-to-man on BLOBs, we can run this variation from a 1-4 high formation as opposed to the 1-4 low formation that we would typically run.

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  • Basketball Play - High - Down

Part 1
The first option for the inbounds passer (#3) is to hit #5 curling to the basket off of the stagger double set by #'s 4 and 2 in that order.


Part 2
The second option is to pass to #2 for a three-point shot coming off of the screen set by #4. The third option is to hit #4 slipping to the basket after #2 clears the screen.


Part 3
If none of the first three options comes open, #1 will come to the top of the key area and look to get the ball. From here, we will call a set and look to get into our half-court offense.