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Basketball Play - Bulls Box Ball Screen

Bulls Box Ball Screen

Daniel Murphy 05/30/2013

Play shown by Jeff Van Gundy. He got this from Scott Skiles who ran it with the Bulls with Ben Gordan as the 2. Instead of going 1-4 low at the end of quarters the down screen would start at 7 seconds. Depending on the coverage 2 can pull up for a jump shot or drive for a finish at the rim. 2 can drive and kick to 1. 4 and 5 can roll and replace. 5 can pop and 2 can use the throwback pass. 2 can also pass to 4 if 4's defender helps on the drive. See More

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Basketball Play - Ball Screen Series

Ball Screen Series

James Ponchak 04/11/2015

Here is a series of drills that Coach Hurley uses at Saint Anthony to work on ball screen reads. It is a great example of how your skill work can build your offense. I like that Coach Hurley is creating good habits for his athletes while simultaneously developing their skills within the offense. This is a good concept to think about and use to develop drills that will create good habits within your offense. As we teach at PGC Basketball, "In moments of extreme pressure, athletes revert to their most deeply held habits." See More

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Basketball Play - Michigan Triangle Ball Screen

Michigan Triangle Ball Screen

Trevor Daugherty 04/07/2014

Michigan ran this triangle set often during NCAA Tournament, particularly early in games. The motion creates a lot of movement, and ends with the ball in your best player's hands. The ball screen typically involved Stauskas (2) and Morgan (5). Because of the attention Stauskas gets, it often resulted in an open lane for Morgan to slip, because of the spacing it is difficult for the defense to leave good shooters. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA to Ball Screen

UCLA to Ball Screen

Andrew Lacey 04/07/2015

Here is a nice little ATO set that can be used in late game situations or when you need a basket. Starting in a 1-4 High alignment can allow for the defense to be vulerable to the back door cut. Nonetheless the ball screen actions will draw a lot of attention and allow for the three on the wing or the reversal and throw inside. See More

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Basketball Play - Ball Screen Doubles

Ball Screen Doubles

Kyle Brown 11/20/2012

A play from the opening week of the college season. This action is pretty common throughout the country, but I liked how this play has 5 setting a downscreen for 3 and then the second screen of a baseline stagger for the 2. You could finish the play in a hi/lo or side P&R See More

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Basketball Play - Sprint Iso Ball Screen

Sprint Iso Ball Screen

Luke Riegel 10/23/2012

This is a quick and easy set to run, yet it provides several scoring opportunities for the offense. If you have a talented PG that likes to play off ballscreens, this is a great set for him. The flare screen on the weak-side limits the defense's opportunity to help on the ballscreen and spaces the floor offensively. See More

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Basketball Play - "Horns" - Ball Screen Slip

"Horns" - Ball Screen Slip

Luke Riegel 12/01/2012

This is a set that is effective if you have one or two good interior post players. The initial High/Low action is good early offense that you may be able to take advantage of before you even get to the ballscreen-slip. Then you have the opportunity to hit your 5 man slipping to the rim or hitting your 4 man spacing on the perimeter. You will have opportunities for high percentage shots regardless of which movement you take advantage of. See More

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Basketball Play - Ball Screen Teaching Series

Ball Screen Teaching Series

John Leonzo 04/22/2016

The ball screen is an offensive concept that is used frequently at all levels of basketball. Because of the popularity of this action, it then becomes vital that coaches teach the intricacies of the action to their players. Here is a drill that teaches the two basic levels of ball screen play. See More

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