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Basketball Play - Cross Screen to Back Screen

Cross Screen to Back Screen

John Leonzo 07/28/2016

5 sets a cross screen for 2. If 2 is open on their cut, 4 will give them the ball. If 2 is not able to get the ball on their cut, they need to continue their cut by either spacing to the three-point line or by setting a back screen for 4. 4 will need to reverse the ball to 1 in order to be eligible for the back screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Duke On-Ball Back Screen

Duke On-Ball Back Screen

Kevin Bruinsma 04/24/2015

Duke ran this play to free up Winslow going to the rim and once the ball is reversed it turns into a post iso for him. Okafor screws the play up by not moving to the weak side block, but Duke ends up getting a basket on a post move from Winslow. If Okafor would have slid over to the opposite block and ducked his man in, Winslow would have had a lob dunk after the back screen from the point guard. See More

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