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Basketball Play - University of Kentucky

University of Kentucky

Dana Beszczynski 04/28/2013

Head Coach John Calipari ran a lot more set plays this season with his young group of Wildcats. Here is an Early Offense play looking to either get off a lob pass to your 4 man or use the DHO to get a shot off with the hand-off man acting a screener for the guard coming off the backscreen. See More

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Basketball Play - Dribble


Keven Bradley 04/22/2013

You can take advantage of the multiple scoring opportunities within this set and run it several possessions in a row and get different shots each time. The pinch-double is great early action for your best shooter and by running the Iverson screen for your point-guard, you get the ball back into the hands of your best ball handler prior to attacking off the ball screens. See More

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Basketball Play - Bear Backdoor Special

Bear Backdoor Special

Randy Brown 04/10/2013

This play was designed by legendary offensive coach who has 90% success rate with Bear Back Door. It is a good opening play of the game and can be used out of timeouts as well. Timing is important so the left side is clear of defenders. Bear is a guaranteed back door lay up! See More

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Basketball Play - "5"


Dana Beszczynski 04/07/2013

Andy Endfield has a lot of coaching influences, one of them being Rick Pitino and not only does he do a good job with their match-up zone and changing defensive looks, but also on the offense end being able to open the floor and use spacing properly to get players good looks to score. Here is a good high PNR action looking to hit the post man rolling in the lane See More

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