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Basketball Play - Flex - Spain Option

Flex - Spain Option

Diccon Lloyd-Smeath 05/21/2020

RETAbet Bilbao coach Alex Mumbru runs some very efficient sideline OOB actions. Their main set is out of a "Flex" entry. This play is the "Spain" pick-and-roll option out of the Flex entry. If you have a solid decision-maker at the PG spot, great shooters and a solid-screening big, this is a great set with lots of movement and actions in a short space of time. See More

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Basketball Play - North


Andrew Lacey 05/05/2020

Today's Fastdraw Play of Day is a sideline out of bounds set that can be used after a timeout and/or late game situation. It is a counter to the action called "Down". Use this counter action with timing to improve your late game execution. See More

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