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Basketball Play - France W - SLOB High Low

France W - SLOB High Low

Matt Wheeler 08/17/2016

The women's team from France uses this SLOB play to quickly get the ball inside. x4 has to help in defending the staggered screen, so 4 usually has no problem receiving the ball up top. The cuts from the wings help to draw attention from their defenders. This isolates the post players so they can make the high low pass. See More

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Basketball Play - Box 1

Box 1

Matt Monroe 07/08/2016

#4 sets a down screen for #5 #3 sets a back screen for #2 and pops to the wing #2 sets a cross screen for #4 #5 and #1 set a double screen ("blast") for #2 #3 passes to #2 #5 sets a flare screen for #1 See More

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Basketball Play - Double Stagger Action

Double Stagger Action

Dana Beszczynski 04/01/2016

Laboral Kutxa ran this set against Real Madrid in their Euroleague round of 16 game Friday night. Starts with a "modified" Horns entry with a wing DHO into a SPNR The shuffle screen is set as a "decoy" for the double stagger action which takes place after the SPNR As the shooter comes off the double, with no shot available, the ball side Post steps out to Pick "n" Pop into a 3 pt shot See More

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Basketball Play - Wisconsin - Wing Post ISO

Wisconsin - Wing Post ISO

John Leonzo 03/19/2016

Wisconsin ran this play two times in a row to take the lead over Wisconsin midway into the second half of their NCAA tournament game against Pittsburgh. This is a nice post up set because the man guarding the post-up player has to guard some action prior to the initial post up, making for a better scoring opportunity. See More

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