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Basketball Play - Ultimate Baseline Out-of-Bounds

Ultimate Baseline Out-of-Bounds

FastModel Sports 02/02/2017

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Basketball Play - BOB Stack Need 3 vs DET

BOB Stack Need 3 vs DET

Mo Dakhil 01/18/2017

With 10.8 seconds left in the fourth quarter the Blazers were down by three and were inbounding the ball on the baseline. When the inbounder gets the ball, CJ McCollum darts out to the wing while Damian Lillard sets a screen for Al-Farouq Aminu and then runs to the weakside corner coming off an Allen Crabbe screen. Aminu comes off the Lillard pick to set one for McCollum who gets the pass from Mason Plumlee. The Pistons do not switch probably and McCollum drills a wide open three which forces overtime. See More

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Basketball Play - Butler End of Game BOB

Butler End of Game BOB

Dana Beszczynski 12/21/2016

This was the late game BOB play Coach Holtman used to guide Butler to what many perceived as an upset of the Indiana Hoosiers last Saturday night. But, the Bulldogs are no stranger to knocking off big time programs. This perfectly designed BOB situation uses the decoy screen for the 5 man who comes across the lane clearing the defense out and the 4 man uses good timing to move towards 3 before slipping hard catching the Indiana defender looking at the 3 man. 1 makes the perfect pass for the dunk in the lane and a big play for the Butler Bulldogs in their knocking off the Indiana Hoosiers! See More

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Basketball Play - Double Stagger Iso Gate Action

Double Stagger Iso Gate Action

Dana Beszczynski 12/04/2016

This is a BLOB play run by Lokomotiv Kuban from the 1st Half of their VTB League game against reigning Euroleague Champions CSKA Moscow. The curl action off the initial back screen sets up the next movement with the inbounder coming off a double stagger and curling to the weak side looking for a pass. As the inbounder is clearing the the double stagger, 5 & 4 move to set a "gate screen" for the 2 man coming through looking for the 3 pt shot. This is a bang-bang action forcing the defense to choose what to guard. When 3 receives the ball, he has isolation, looking to attack the defender or 2 has an open shot off the gate screen. Sasa Obradovic recently took over at Lokomotiv after having began the season in Greece on the bench of PAO. He is quickly turning Loko back into the team it was last season when it reached the Euroleague Final 4. See More

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Basketball Play - BOB Double Pindown

BOB Double Pindown

Mo Dakhil 10/29/2016

Every team needs a Deep Corner Baseline Out of Bounds play. It is a situation that may come up seldomly but coaches should have a play they can go to in this situation. The Philadelphia 76ers' coach Brett Brown was prepared with this gem of a play on opening night agains the Oklahoma City Thunder. See More

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