Push - FastModel Sports

Published 09/18/2015 by Cody Toppert Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

If the 1 pushes the 4 into a wide pin down, push action ensues.  The 3 tight curls the 4, the 4 then pops back to the elbow and the 1 chases a DHO.  If the HO is not there the 5 screens away for the 2 and the 4 goes DHO with the 2 at the opposite elbow.

  • Basketball Play - Push
  • Basketball Play - Push
  • Basketball Play - Push
  • If the 1 cuts back and "Pushes" the 4 into a wide pin for the 3 in the weakside corner we have initiated Push Action. If no scoring option available, the 3 tight curls and the 4 pops back to the elbow.

  • The 1 looks to hit the 4 at the elbow. On the pass the 1 looks to chase a DHO from the 4.

  • If no DHO is avaliable the 1 peels to the corner. The 5 then screens for the 2 on the weakside. The 2 uses the screen and spritns to a secondary DHO from the 4.