Tight Curl - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

As the 1 selects the side to initiate and the 5 flashes to the elbow, the 1 hits the 5.  Tight curl indicates that immediately following the entry pass a split screen takes place.   The 1 sprints to the corner to screen the strong side corner guard.  In the tight curl read, the 2 curls the screen from the 1 and sprints to the weak side to spot up.  The 1 immediately pops back (above the break for spacing, or close the free-throw line extended) and the 5 goes DHO / SPNR /Dribble Pitch with the 1.  At the same time as he two man game ensues, the weak side action takes place.  If going with the 4 high, a wide pin down for the 3 takes place.  If a keeping the 3 high, a fade screen for the 3 works well here (see Washington Wizards, Portland Trailblazers).

  • Basketball Play - Tight Curl
  • Basketball Play - Tight Curl
  • The 1 looks to thit the 5 at the Elbow and then sprint to split the strong side corner guard. In Tight Curl aciton, the 2 curls the split screen and sprints through.

  • The 5 then goes DHO/Dribble Pitch with the 1 sprinting back to the ball. At the same time the 4 sets a wide pin down for the 3.