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About This Play/Drill

This zone set is a lot of fun to run. Anytime you can get the defense to bite and give up a lay up it's a blow to their pride and gets them doubting and guessing. After this works, try not to smile too big.

  • Basketball Play - 3FTC: Zone Set #3
  • Basketball Play - 3FTC: Zone Set #3
  • Basketball Play - 3FTC: Zone Set #3
  • Basketball Play - 3FTC: Zone Set #3
  • This set uses pass fakes, screens and well timed cuts and passes to get your team an open look from the block. 2 needs to be your best shooter.


    The pass fakes are used for the timing so your guards have to do them.


    1 pass fakes to 4 then passes to 3. 5 moves into position to screen.

  • 3 pass fakes to 2 then passes back to 1. on the pass fake 4 moves into position to set a double screen with 5. On the pass back to 1, 2 will start his cut baseline

  • Here is the fun part. EVERYONE in the gym will start see the play setting up for a double screen for your best shooter going baseline. 2 will be cutting baseline as 1 dribbles to wing. 3 starts his cut


    5 and 4 WILL LET x4 through and double screen x5 (middle defender) 1 passes to 3 cutting to block


    1 passes to 3 for lay-up



    5 has to know where to set the screen. The best way to teach it is to have 5 think of it as if the defender had the ball and he was guarding him M2M. (step & touch away)


    5 and 4 let x4 get through screen. (He'll think is the DPOY) and sprint together to middle defender. (THE DEEPER IN THE LANE THE SCREEN IS SET THE EASIER THE SHOT WILL BE)


    To mix it up I've had 1 pass to 2 who then does a "touch pass" to 3. That may help with your timing and also gives it another look