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Published 05/31/2015 by Sebastian Wild Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

SHALLOW is a great quickhitting play to helps you attack Zone looks with a simple, but hard to guard action, giving you either a wide open look from 3 or an easy, high percentage paint touch. It was our gp-to play vs. 2-3 Zones last season.

  • Basketball Play - Shallow
  • Basketball Play - Shallow
  • 1 dribble drive manipulates the zone by pushing ball towards 2 away from bigger wing

    2 shallow cut to opposite wing, while 3 screens the back of the zone

  • 1 looks for 2 for the open three
    4 flashes high and 5 relaxed 4 to create an overload Situation

    If the defender fights over 3's screen to get to 2, 3 slips to the "nail" Area for an easy paint catch