Dribble Drag - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Here is a counter that we use for "Drag".  We try to create a decoy action with the dribble handoff to get the defense to show their coverage.  

  • Basketball Play - Dribble Drag
  • Basketball Play - Dribble Drag
  • Same concept as "Drag"; however (1) will execute a dribble handoff to (3) about Free Throw Line Extended.


    (5) will sprint out to the wing to set a side ball screen.

  • Just as (5) sets the ball screen the (4) & (2) will execute the same action used in "Drag".


    (3) will use the ball screen set by the (5).


    (1) will read how the defense plays the roll and if they help he will lift to the Free Throw Line Extented area.