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About This Play/Drill

1 pitches the ball up the court to the 2, only this time instead of shallow cutting he cuts diagonal on a straight line to the weak side block.  As the ball is reverse from the 2 to the trailing 4 man the 3 pops out to receive the ball.  Now instead of block-to-block action the 1 sets and Up screen for the 4 man who cuts hard to the strong side block.  The first look is to the 4 and this is great action to get the 4 man into the post early and off of action that has great movement and is not stagnant.  The better the screen set by the 1, the more his defender has to help and bump the cutting 4.  This opens the 1 up at the top of the key for a pass from the 3.  In the name of quick and consecutive action as the pass goes to the 1, the 5 sprints to set a Middle PNR for the 1.  The 4 can replace up to the slot or space to the duck in area. 

  • Basketball Play - Pitch Up
  • Basketball Play - Pitch Up
  • Basketball Play - Pitch Up
  • Basketball Play - Pitch Up
  • 5 Rim Runs the court as 2/3 fill the wings.

    4 Max Outlets to 1 who Pitches ahead to 2.

  • 2 looks to the 5 for post entry.

    1 shallow cuts to the weakside block.

    2 passes to the trail 4 who reverses the ball to 3.

  • 1 sets an up screen for 4 diving to the strong block.

    1 then pops to the top of the key for ball reversal if 4 does not receive the post entry.

  • 5 quickly sets on ball screen or 1 initiates 3 out offense.