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About This Play/Drill

How can you create (or recreate) drills that maximize the skills you are emphasizing to your team, while also integrating shots at the basket? For example, if you are running a drill that focuses on players attacking the basket from the wing and finishing at the hoop, you want to create a drill that gets your players as many reps as possible during that drill

  • Basketball Play - Multiple Shots
  • Basketball Play - Multiple Shots
  • Regular Drill:

    Has your players alternating from side to side, attacking one defender and then dribbling back into the opposite line.


  • Recreating Your Drills:

    Have players start by attacking the defender on the main hoop, and then dribbling at pace out to another hoop (either at the other end of the court or at a separate basket off to the side). This reduces the amount of time a player waits in line for their next opportunity, while also gets them another shot at the basket and some conditioning.