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About This Play/Drill

Tennessee-Martin 4 Low. UTM coach Heath Schroyer drew this BLOB set up for the game winner against Eastern Kentucky to send the Skyhawks to the Final Four of the CIT. The Skyhawks had the ball with 6.3 seconds left down 2.  Marshun Newell (2) sets to inbound the basketball. The set begins with the first option which is a triple stagger for a guard coming from the opposite corner to the ball side corner. After he was covered he cleared toward half court.  Chandler Rowe (5) is the final screener. He opens up to catch the entry pass just inside the 3 pt. line. After the catch Newell sprints in to take the DHO and hits the game winning 3 from the corner.

  • Basketball Play - UT-Martin 4 Low
  • Basketball Play - UT-Martin 4 Low
  • Basketball Play - UT-Martin 4 Low
  • 1 uses 3 screens on a cut to the ball side corner.
  • 1. 1 releases toward half court as a safety.
    2. 5 pops to the corner just inside the 3pt line.
  • 5 catches and immediately gives a DHO to the inbounder.