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About This Play/Drill

  As many high school teams are deep into their state tournaments and as college teams prepare for their conference tournaments (and for some lucky teams the NCAA tournament as well), it is vital to be practicing “time and score” situations daily. If you and your team have been working on these scenarios throughout the year, you are in great position to execute them properly down the stretch. Here we have the situation where we must miss a FT and get an offensive rebound. This is something that must be practiced and can't just be drawn up in a huddle.

  • Basketball Play - FT Crossing
  • Basketball Play - FT Crossing
  • The team in black is down 3 with 5 seconds left. Player 2 must make the first FT and then miss the second FT intentionally. Player 2 is going to try to miss the FT on the opposite side of his/her best rebounder.

    Player 4 is going to sprint across the lane and basically screen out the opposition's 5 player.

  • Once Player 4 sprints across the lane, their defender is likely going to follow and try to maintain contact with them. Player 5 is curling right off the hip of their teammate towards the opposite side of the rim, hoping to get a quick rebound put back to tie the game.

    Crossing or "X-ing," on a FT should be a technique used throughout the game, not just when absolutely necessary.