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About This Play/Drill

This play was run by UAB in their win against Iowa State in the 2015 NCAA Tournament.

  • Basketball Play - Blazer

Part 1

#1 dribbles out of the channel (between lane lines extended) to #3 and passes back to #2 coming off of a down screen set by #4.

Part 2

After passing to #2, #1 will come off of #5's back screen and look for a possible lob. If the lob is not there, he will clear to the ball-side corner.

Part 3 (Option A)

To finish the play, #2 comes off of a ball screen set by #5 and have #5 roll to the basket. One way to finish the play is to have #4 come high and replace #2 in the slot.

Part 3 (Option B)

The same pick and roll option can be executed, but we will have #4 set a down screen for #1. If #2 passes back to #1, we will look to post up #4 and look to go inside to him.