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About This Play/Drill

In this play by UAB, the Blazers send the 3 down underneath the basket where he then has the option to cut off of a staggered screen or single screen. Early in the game, UAB has been utilizing the single option. Once 3 gets to the wing, 1 and 2 clear out to the perimeter and 4 and 5 move up to set a staggered ball-screen for 3. The play has been blown up by Iowa State so they haven't gotten all the way through to the ball-screen, but it is a solid action that will force the Cyclones to defend UAB's quick guards. 

  • Basketball Play - UAB Option Double
  • Basketball Play - UAB Option Double
  • 3 cuts from the wing to the basket and positions himself with his back to the baseline.


    3 then chooses to cut off of the double screen from 4 and 2 or the single screen from 5.


    In this option, 3 cuts off of 5 and gets the pass from 1.

  • 1 clears out to the opposite wing and 2 steps out to the corner.


    5 and 4 move up to set a staggered ball-screen for 3 on the wing.


    3 drives middle as 5 rolls to the basket and 4 pops.