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About This Play/Drill

After examining two plays that Wooden runs to get layups or post touches, Wooden needed a way to attack teams that would sag into the lane and dare his team to shoot elbow jumpers. While Wooden didn't coach in an era of the three-point shot, the use of the outside or mid-range shot was crucial because it would open up the lane further. Wooden ran this play, called "Kentucky", to open up a shot on the wing for one of his guards coming off a double screen.

  • Basketball Play - Kentucky
  • Basketball Play - Kentucky
  • Basketball Play - Kentucky
  • Perimeter swing starting from 1. 2 cuts over 4 looking for a handoff, but doesn't get it.

  • 4 passes back to 1 then cuts over 5 down the lane on the shuffle cut

  • 5 and 2 set a double screen on the side for 3. This could easily be an elevator action