Pittsburgh Stagger - FastModel Sports

Published 01/24/2015 by Kevin Bruinsma Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Tied 72-72 with under 20 seconds left to play Pittsburgh ran a stagger action that free’d up #3 Cameron Wright for a wide open mid-range jumper to win the game.  #3 Wright missed the shot, but Pitt went on to defeat Horizon League member Oakland in overtime.  A small part to this action that I really liked was when the 1 passed the 4 man as he navigated down to the block the 4 showed his hands to the 5 man at the elbow as if he was expecting a pass for a shot.  Even if he wasn’t an option in the play his attention to detail caused his man to at least play him as a threat which created a better angle for his pin down screen for the 1 man.

  • Basketball Play - Pittsburgh Stagger
  • Basketball Play - Pittsburgh Stagger
  • Basketball Play - Pittsburgh Stagger
  • 1 enters to 5 after he flashes up to receive a catch. 4 moves up to the elbow. 2 cuts to the ball side block looking for quick look inside, 1 cuts to opposite block behind 4. 4 looks for ball if his man helps on 1's cut.

  • 4 turns around and sets a pin down screen for 1. 5 dribbles at vacated area of 4 and executes a dribble handoff with 1.

  • 1 looks to attack off dribble handoff. 4 & 5 set double screen for 2 who sprints off looking for shot. 5 dives to front of rim after screen, 4 slides to open area of floor.