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BLOG & PLAYBOOK - Chino Hills Huskies: The Scheme Behind the Ball Brothers

In this embedded video and diagram we look at the press defense of the 35-0, state championship Chino Hills team of 2015-16. Its press was one of the featured items of the CH system, following behind transition offense. Chino Hills wanted to play at a maximum pace, and its 2-2-1 3/4 court press was a major reason it could create so many turnovers and play at a fast pace. Video clip below.

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  • Basketball Play - Chino Hills '15-16: Press Defense
  • Basketball Play - Chino Hills '15-16: Press Defense
  • Basketball Play - Chino Hills '15-16: Press Defense
  • The Chino Hills press was a 2-2-1 3/4 court press with a lot of attempts for steals and deflections. Lonzo and Eli anticipated passes up the court for steals. Big O rotated out only in emergency, and tried to stay in front of the rim as much as possible.

  • The 2-2-1 press was designed to get the ball handler dribbling up the sideline so they could trap around half court or try to back tap. The ball was actively influenced sideline. Once traps were made, the remaining three players formed an umbrella to anticipate passes out of the trap for steals.

  • On a Chino Hills free throw, they aligned with LiAngelo and Lamelo in the free throw lane slots so they were ready to press on a made free throw, giving up a chance to have Big O and Eli rebound a miss to make sure they were in their press spots.