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About This Play/Drill

In this drill we go through a progression to improve on-the-ball defense. This drill also helps develop ball handling skills for offensive players. If you are a full court man-to-man pressing team, this drill is perfect for you. It works in a progression to refine technique, and then puts those techniques to the test.

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  • Basketball Play - Lanes Progression Drill
  • Basketball Play - Lanes Progression Drill
  • Basketball Play - Lanes Progression Drill
  • Basketball Play - Lanes Progression Drill
  • Basketball Play - Lanes Progression Drill
  • DRY FORM SLIDES: Each player goes through twice simply working on defensive stance form. The first time through the defender will step slide, working on the pivot and reverse pivot when changing directions. The second time through, the defender will slide and then change directions into a sprint, then back into a slide.


  • NO HANDS PHASE: Players now partner up. The drill starts with a pass and a closeout. 1 Trip of form slides and glides then move into semi-live defense. Defense cannot use their hands and must turn the offensive player with their chest. Offense should be working on changing pace and changing directions sharply. Offense is not completely live but focused on ball handling improvement.


    HANDS PHASE: Starts with a pass and a closeout. Defense is now completely live and allowed to use their hands to steal the ball but need to be reminded to get off balance from reaching. In case of a blow by, the offensive player should slow down to wait for the defense to recover.

  • NO STOPPING PHASE: Offensive player is not allowed to slow down, working specifically on changing directions at the full speed. The drill is live the entire time


    LIVE PHASE: Offense is now allowed to change pace.

  • 2v1 ESCAPE: Players now form groups of three. Two defenders pressure one offensive player, trying to steal the ball. Offensive players are discouraged from trying to split the defenders because of its low success rate. Instead, they are to test an edge hard using a dribble move and then back dribble if the edge is shut down. If the defense gets scored on their is a 10 pushup penalty. A coach can stand in the back court holding up fingers to ensure the offensive player has his head up

  • 2v1 GET OPEN: Two defenders deny the offensive player who has to make hard change of pace and direction cuts to get open. Once the ball is inbounded the drill is two on one in the full court. Ten pushup penalty for the defense getting scored on