Crack Down Lob BLOB vs Zone - FastModel Sports

Published 12/02/2021 by Matt Hackenberg Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

It's baffling to me how often we would score on this simple play. We used it more as a BLOB special, about once every game or so. The less often you run it, the more effective it will be. The counter action, as seen in the diagram and in the embedded video, can also create some decent looks for your team, but that action requires more work once the ball is entered than the initial action.

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  • Basketball Play - Crack Down Lob BLOB vs Zone
  • Basketball Play - Crack Down Lob BLOB vs Zone
  • Special BLOB

    3 and 5 set screens for 4 to curl in for the lob. Ball side screener should call for ball and try to push his man into 4's defender instead of setting an obvious screen.

  • Counter to the initial action

    Looking for 3 slipping and sealing under the rim