Gonzaga Bulldogs - Ghost PNR - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

With Gonzaga struggling to score in the championship game against Baylor, the Bulldogs went to this ball screen set to get an open shot at the rim. The play starts out with a ghost screen from 3, 5 then follows for a PNR with 1. x3 did not want to help off of 3 because he is a shooter. This left x4 as the only player to help on 5 rolling to the basket. x4 met 5 late at the rim as 5 was able to easily get the finish.

  • Basketball Play - Gonzaga Bulldogs - Ghost PNR
  • Basketball Play - Gonzaga Bulldogs - Ghost PNR
  • 2 cuts to the corner.

    3 cuts to the top to set a ghost screen on 1.

  • 5 sprints into a ball screen with 1.

    5 rolls to the basket to look for the pass from 1.