Miami Heat - Flat Ram Exit - FastModel Sports

Published 10/19/2021 by Dave Nedbalek Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This is a simple exit set utilizing a 1-4 low alignment. The clip included shows the set as designed but there are several other components I like about this set as well.  With Morris (ideally Adebayo would be here) sprinting up off Herro's brush screen into a simple touch and out middle ball screen there is a component of rim pressure being applied here as well. The Heat do not, but I would lift our weakside guard (Strus) to occupy the tag and place him in a long closeout. You also have the slip, or post feed after the pinscreen for the shooter coming out. I like this set and it's versatility to create a high quality look with space. 

  • Basketball Play - Miami Heat - Flat Ram Exit
  • Basketball Play - Miami Heat - Flat Ram Exit
  • Herro will loop up and brush into x5 freeing up Morris for his middle pick and roll. Lowry will use Morris screen and look to scrow, throw the lob, or throwback to Strus.
  • The set is designed for Herro to get a pin in after he brushes Morris man so this is Lowry's next look.