Memphis Grizzlies - Horns Split - FastModel Sports

Published 10/13/2021 by Dymetrius Ware Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Former Memphis Head Coach Lionel Hollins rand this cruch time play with less than 30 second left in overtime. This horns set allowes multiple option for individual players to score with less than a half a minute left in the game.

  • Basketball Play - Memphis Grizzlies - Horns Split
  • Basketball Play - Memphis Grizzlies - Horns Split
  • The 3 and 2 start in the corners of each side of the court the 4 and 5 are in the horn set. With less than 30 second in the game. The 1 hit the 4 and split the horn and set stagger screen for the 3 with the 5.

  • The 3 will get a pass from 4 who slips to the basket, the 1 will continue to the behind the 3pt line, and the 5 will slip to the paint for a quick look for the ball and release to the weak side of the floor. the 3 will dribble hard drive the lane for a basket or a kick out to the two, when the help comes.