Play of the Day 02-27-2012: Horns Double Slip - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Wisconsin ran today's FastDraw Play of the Day in a huge Big 10 win on Sunday. This Horns Set allows your post to slip a stagger screen for a shooter to gain position in the post, or be open for a dunk as shown in the video:

  • Basketball Play - Play of the Day 02-27-2012: Horns Double Slip
  • 1 enters to 5 stepping high. 4 sets a back screen for 1, then shapes up to receive pass from 5.
  • 1 sets up a flex screen for 3 as a decoy (could be used as a scoring play if the 3 reads an advantage) and 3 rejects the screen to come off a down screen from 5. If 5's defender helps on the screen, 5 slips to the basket for an easy dunk. 4 can also hit 3 if 5's slip is not open.