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About This Play/Drill

This Post Up is from our friend, Chris Passmore at Overtime Hoops ( Overtime is a great Professional Development Blog for coaches at all levels, and a must read for those serious about the coaching profession.

Today, Overtime provides you with this half-court set designed to get your best shooter several opportunites for a great look. Add this to your FastDraw Libray by clicking the 'Send to FastDraw' button below the diagram!

  • Basketball Play - Post Up: Overtime Hoops - Bonnies
  • Basketball Play - Post Up: Overtime Hoops - Bonnies
  • Basketball Play - Post Up: Overtime Hoops - Bonnies
  • Basketball Play - Post Up: Overtime Hoops - Bonnies
  • Frame 1 - Start best shooter with the ball 1 and 3 make an inside cut off pinch posts. Shooter passes to wing and bumps weak side guard to corner.

  • Frame 2 - 5 sets (misdirection) ball screen. 3 fakes use of screen and drives hard to hoop.

  • Frame 3 - IMMEDIATELY after 3 begins drive to rim, 5 and 4 SPRINT to set double-stagger for shooter. 3's primary option (if looking for a 3) is to jump stop and make the pass for the "crack back shot". Also, the pass to 1 along the baseline to the weak side corner may be open

  • Frame 4 - If there is no shot, 5 and 4 reset double ball screen. Shooter looks for shot behind the screens, drives hard to draw 1's defender for a 3, or continues drive toward the hoop to see if 3's defender sags in.

Chris Passmore enters his second season with the Rhode Island Rams in 2011-12 and ninth year overall in collegiate basketball. He spent 4 years as an undergraduate on the women's basketball staff at Big East Conference member Providence College before being hired as a Graduate Assistant Coach, then Interim Assistant, at Providence. At that time, Passmore was the youngest coach in the Big East and one of the youngest assistants in the nation. He went on to a coaching position at Roger Williams University where he later fulfilled the position of interim Head Coach before coming to the University of Rhode Island in July of 2010.