Play of the Day 02-21-2012: Chin 2 Triple - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Baylor used this Chin quick hitter to get a big 3 in last night's win at Texas. Today's FastDraw Play of the Day shows you how spacing and screens loosened up the defense for a great shot as shown in the video:

  • Basketball Play - Play of the Day 02-21-2012: Chin 2 Triple
  • 1 enters to 5 shaping up. 4 steps inside arc so 2 can use screen to start loosening defender. 1 cuts to the basket and sets a stagger screen with 3 pinning down to get 2 loose cutting to wing.
  • 1 continues through the lane, getting a pin screen from 4. 5 can hit 1 or 2 for a shot. 2 can make the extra pass to 3 spacing to corner