Zipper Angle - FastModel Sports

Published 05/24/2020 by Diccon Lloyd-Smeath Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

BC Lietuvos Rytas head coach Dainius Adomaitis runs the most efficient ATO plays in the Lithuanian LKL. Rytas also lead the league in PPP (per synergy) on play with the roll man. This play is an excellent way to get into an angle pick-and-roll and blur the defensive responsibilities. the first baseline cut from the 3 empties the paint and then the 4 man cuts behind the help forcing his defender to choose help or his duck-in. 

  • Basketball Play - Zipper Angle
  • Basketball Play - Zipper Angle
  • Basketball Play - Zipper Angle
  • 5 sets the "Zipper" screen down for 2. Cut up the lane line to receive the pass from 1. 3 clears to the strong-side corner to replace 2.

  • 5 immediately follows 2 and sets the angle pick-and-roll. 4 cuts the baseline as the screen is set, looking to get behind the help. 5 short rolls to the FT line. 1 drifts to the weak-side corner.

  • The entry can be twisted with a GET from 2 back to 1.