Box Cross Post Elevator - FastModel Sports

Published 11/13/2019 by Zachary Weir Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This is a quick and easy blob set to use as an ATO. Quick look for a post player followed by an elevator and flex screen. Multiple actions that could result in small to big switches. 

  • Basketball Play - Box Cross Post Elevator
  • Basketball Play - Box Cross Post Elevator
  • 4 will pop out
  • 2 enters the ball to 4
  • 2 will step in and cross screen for the 5
  • Option #1 4 will enter the ball in to the 5 for a quick post entry
  • Option #2 is the 2 player coming out of the elevator screen by the 1 and the 3

  • Option #3 2 will swing to the 3 and the 5 will set a flex screen for the 4