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About This Play/Drill

UC Irvine runs this play to get a quick post up for their 4. 3 sets the back screen for 4 then pops out to receive the ball from 1. 2 curls around 5 as a decoy action to occupy the help defenders. When the defense overplayed on 4, the Anteaters were able to get open threes out of this set in their first round NCAA tournament game against Kansas State.

  • Basketball Play - UC Irvine - Rip Punch
  • Basketball Play - UC Irvine - Rip Punch
  • 3 sets a back screen for 4 who cuts to the basket.

    2 curls around 5 back to the same side corner.

    3 pops out to receive the pass from 1.

  • 5 flashes to the high post to take away the weakside defender and present a high/low option.

    3 looks for 4 in the post.