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About This Play/Drill

Here is a play out of the Box alignment that can be used in late game situations when you need a easy lay-up or three.  We use the concepts that we try to have all of our screens set to where they cause a mismatch if the defense was to switch.  Meaning other than the intial back screen all other screens in this play are Bigs/Small screening each other.

  • Basketball Play - Atlanta
  • Basketball Play - Atlanta
  • Basketball Play - Atlanta
  • 1 passes to 3

    1 then screens for 4.

    2 flashes to the ball side low bblock

  • 3 reverses ball to 4, 4 reverese ball to 1

    2 steps out and back picks for 3

  • 5 down screens for 2.

    4 secreens of for 2;

    1looks for 2 and shot

    5 and 4 sets screes and roll asking for the ball.