Gamecock Spread - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Frank Martin and the South Carolina Gamecocks use this basic motion format at times as part of their "Spread" attack. The Gamecocks usually play with four guards under Martin, although the motion sets itself okay if the 4 is also a big man. The idea of the offense isn't to penetrate the defense through dribbling, but through getting an overload on one side in order to clear the opposite for a two-man game.

  • Basketball Play - Gamecock Spread
  • Basketball Play - Gamecock Spread
  • Basketball Play - Gamecock Spread
  • Ball swings; first passer cuts rim and out to ball-side corner. Big man then sets a screen away for the 4 to drop down to the post (he can go over or under)

  • Look for direct entry to 5 at the elbow; two-man game with 1

  • As 1 dribbles up to balance, all others fill to reset