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About This Play/Drill

This is a sideline out of bounds play (SLOB) that can be run at the end of a quarter, half, or game for a three-point shot if necessary and a two-point shot if possible.

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  • Basketball Play - Carolina

Frame 1
The first option is for #3 to pass to #1 coming off of the zipper screen set by #5. As soon as #1 catches, he must score immediately.


Once the official hands the ball to #3, the play begins with #5 setting the zipper screen and #4 clearing up and away from the help-side elbow as illustrated.

Frame 2
If #1 is not open, #3 goes to his second option. This option is for #2 to make a cut to the ball-side corner coming off of #5's down screen.  The only thing that can happen here is for #2 to shoot the three-point shot.

Frame 3
Once #2 clears the screen, #5 steps to the ball and posts up for a possible scoring opportunity. Should we need a three, this will not be an option. If we need a three, #3's options are #1 and #2.