Off the Ball 1 on 1 Drill - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This is a good drill for players to work on getting open away from the ball. The defensive player must also work very hard to prevent 1 from making an easy catch.

The passer must also work at delivering the pass on time and on target. 

You can play to a set score or a set number of stops. 

We will move spots on the floor to increase the difficulty for the offense or defense


  • Basketball Play - Off the Ball 1 on 1 Drill

X1 has ball and is standing on the block


1 and 2 line up as shown


X1 passes to 1 and then sprints up to deny 1

1 passes to 2 and immediately works to get open.


2 must work to make the proper pass, on time-on target. Live 1 on 1 on the catch