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About This Play/Drill

Bob McKillop and the Davidson Men's Basketball Team run this as one option in their 4-out motion offense as a quick option out of transition. This play has the featured action of a downscreen for the big man, whom McKillop has featured frequently as a good shooter over the past few seasons. If there is a stretch shooting big man on your team, this is a nice set to get him coming off a downscreen.

  • Basketball Play - Davidson - Stagger
  • Basketball Play - Davidson - Stagger
  • Basketball Play - Davidson - Stagger
  • 1 swings to 4, who swings to 3. 4 and 1 then stagger away for 2; post moves to the ball side.

  • 3 sets a downscreen for 5. This is for the primary shot, as x5 will probably be poor at defending the person coming off the downscreen

  • Flex screen to down screen action with weak side exchange: 1 and 2 shuffle on the weak side to occupy the help, while 3 sets a flex for 4, popping to the corner. If 4 or 1 get the ball from 5, 5 sets a downscreen for 3.