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About This Play/Drill

I have had great success in using this drill as a way to get my players warmed up and for team-building purposes.  The players must make a specified number of lay-ups before moving on to the next stage (from five passes to four passes to three passes to being done).  For a lay-up to be considered to be "made", the ball must not touch the floor at any time and the lay-up must be shot with the proper hand.

Make absolutely sure that your players are catching the ball with their feet in the air and coming to a jump stop. This will prevent them from developing bad habits by traveling with the ball.

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  • Basketball Play - Three-Man Weave Drills

The three lines will run the three-man weave with three passes before shooting lay-ups. The drill will have three players going up and back once and two players in the middle line will have one ball.  After a player passes, he must go behind the player who received the pass.


On all parts of three man weave, the line rotation (using the numbers shown) goes with the players in line #3 going to line #1, line #1 going to line #2, and line #2 going to line #3.