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About This Play/Drill

The San Antonio Spurs started into Game 3 of the NBA Finals with this set. It includes the typical Spurs baseline stagger screen, followed by a side Pick & Roll action. A down screen action in the middle keeps the defense occupied and opens up the ball screener on his pop against Miami's ICE defense. In this case, Diaw attacks Bosh together with Duncan in a 2on1 situation.

  • Basketball Play - SPURS - HIGH POST DOUBLE SPLIT
Frame 1:
1 (Parker) passes to 4 (Diaw)
1 (Parker) sets up his man and splits the high post
3 (Green) is the second cutter on the high post split
Frame 2:
5 (Duncan) pops out
4 (Diaw) passes the ball to 5 (Duncan)
Frame 3:
2 (Leonard) sets a single screen
3 (Green) and 4 (Diaw) set a stagger screen
1 (Parker) comes off the stagger screen
5 (Duncan) passes the ball to 1 (Parker)
Frame 4:
5 (Duncan) sets a down screen for 3 (Green)
3 (Green) cuts to the top
4 (Diaw) sets a baseline screen
1 (Parker) attacks and finds 4 (Diaw) popping to the high post
Frame 5:
4 (Diaw) attacks the basket and passes the ball to 5 (Duncan)