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About This Play/Drill

This is a play that Jim Boeheim frequented during the 2013 Final Four. I love this set because of the continuous screening actions after the initial stagger pick & roll. The first two options of the play are for 1 to come off and attack the rim and if he can't throwback to 4 for a catch & shoot. If neither of those options are open 2 comes off the second set of staggers for a multiple of options.

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  • Basketball Play - "Double Fist"
  • Basketball Play - "Double Fist"
  • Basketball Play - "Double Fist"
  • 5 and 3 set a staggered pick & roll for 1. 2 started cutting to the opposite wing. Syracuse ran this play throughout the entire game.

  • 5 and 3 staggered away for 4 and 1 passed to 4.

  • 5 and 3 then set another stagger for 2. 2 came off curling to the rim on the dribble and found an open 3 on the roll for a dunk.