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About This Play/Drill

The Golden State Warriors ran this SLOB with 11 seconds to play (down by 4 points) in Game 7 of the first playoff round against the Clippers. A triple decoy play, which forces numerous switches. In this case the whole defense focused on Curry. He decided to take a 3 point runner, but could have passed the ball to Thompson for a wide open 3 point shot.

  • Basketball Play - Warriors - SLOB 3 Pointer
Frame 1
2 (Crawford) cuts to the ballside corner
Frame 2
4 (Thompson) uses a staggered screen set by 1 (Curry) and 5 (Barnes)
=> forces the first switch between X4 (Barnes) and X5 (Griffin)
Frame 3
1 (Curry) comes of a down screen by 5 (Barnes)
=> forces the second switch between X1 (Paul) and X4 (Barnes)
4 (Thompson) screens X5 (Griffin)
=> prevents him from executing a third switch with X4 (Barnes) who is forced to trail 1 (Curry)
3 (Iguodala) passes the ball to 1 (Curry)
Frame 4
1 (Curry) goes on a drive
=> forces X5 (Griffin) to help
5 (Barnes) screens X1 (Paul)
4 (Thompson) pops out and is wide open for a 3