2-on-2 Coverdown Wide - FastModel Sports

Published 06/16/2018 by Joel Hueser Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

At some point or another, defenders will get beat and "helping the helper" is a concept every team must be able to execute. This drill emphasizes such action.

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  • Basketball Play - 2-on-2 Coverdown Wide
  • Basketball Play - 2-on-2 Coverdown Wide
  • Coach passes to the wing (2). All 3 defenders jump to the ball. 2 catches and holds the ball for a count and then drives the baseline. x1, for the most part, allows the baseline drive.

  • Low hole help, x3, rotates across the lane and stops the ball.

    x1 and X3 trap the dribble drive. Emphasize toe-to-toe and knee-to-knee alignment between them.
    x2 "helps the helper" and coversdown wide! 2 passes out of the trap to 1.

    Play out the possession live 2-on-2 (x1 would not play) if possible.