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About This Play/Drill

Fence Curl Pop comes from Rick Adelman, which he has run both in Sacramento and with the Minnesota Wolves. Adelman usually calls this play out of timeouts when he sees something in the way the defense is playing screening actions. The play is designed to get a layup for a shooting guard or an open elbow jumper for a power forward. When Kevin Love runs this play for the Wolves he steps out to the three point line, making this an extremely difficult play to defend.

  • Basketball Play - Fence Curl Pop
  • Basketball Play - Fence Curl Pop
  • Bibby (1) takes the ball up top. From the wing, Stojakovic (3) makes a Rhody Cut over Divac (5) and Christie (2). Bibby hits Peja on the wing.

  • As Christie comes around the fence, he curls it, and Divac then pins on x4 so 4 pops out for a three or a elbow jumper. When Adelman ran this with the Kings, Webber would pop to the elbow. With the Wolves, Kevin Love stretches it to three-point range.