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About This Play/Drill

The "TWIST" from Four T's of International Offense - The twist is a rescreen used when the on ball defender goes under the ball screen. Check out videos below featuring Pau Gasol of the San Antonio Spurs. 

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Offensive Elements: Twist + Take Concepts ft. Pau Gasol & San Antonio Spurs

  • Basketball Play - TWIST Concept
  • Basketball Play - TWIST Concept
  • TWIST = Rescreen when the on-ball defender goes under the ball screen and there is no advantage. If there is no advantage we must re-attempt to create one!


    Get a little separation from the screen, then bring it back over the twist (rescreen)...

  • Instead of rolling, 5 "twists" into a rescreen improving the screening angle to force X1 over the screen. When it's clear X1 intends to go over the screen, 5 breaks the defense will a hard roll.


    1 must bring the ball back over the rescreen and recognize that no advantage was created on the first attempt