Miami Sprint Slip Stagger - FastModel Sports

Published 07/21/2013 by Kevin Bruinsma Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Another set started by a sprint screen from the Miami Heat as 1 sprints off 4's screen to set a ball screen on #6 Lebron James who is playing the 5 at this time.  The 1 slips it and pops to the wing as #34 Ray Allen sprints off a stagger screen.  #3 Dwayne Wade after setting the first screen opens right back up to the ball looking for a lob or pass.  He gets a basket out of this in the NBA Finals.

  • Basketball Play - Miami Sprint Slip Stagger
  • Basketball Play - Miami Sprint Slip Stagger
  • Miami went small so Lebron James is playing the 5. 1 sprints off 4's down screen and goes to set a ball screen on 5. 1 slips the screen and sprints to the wing.

  • 2 sprints off 3's screen who came across the paint to the block, and then gets another screen from 4 at the block once occupied by 3. 3 opens up to the ball after screening looking for a pass.