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Published 03/26/2018 by Dave Nedbalek Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

John Beilein's Two Guard offense is full of beautiful action and full of endless possibilities. You really need a dynamic 5 man who can shoot and force the defense to spread. This is a simple misdirection action to create a double driving gap. 

We are using this more and more since the way the game is officiated, and the rules are designed guarding the ball one on one with space for them to create is one of the hardest things to do defensively. 

If you are interested in learning more of the Two Guard offense, and getting a TON of quick hitters out of it I recommend Tom Jicha's dvd from Championship Productions. Ironically, I have never watched Beilein himself teach this, but we play several teams that run this offense and when run correctly with a big that can stretch the floor you are in for a long night defensively. 

  • Basketball Play - Michigan Wolverines - Dive Wing Clear
  • Basketball Play - Michigan Wolverines - Dive Wing Clear
  • 1 initiates DHO with player you want driving the ball.


    5 steps towards 3 showing DHO into a ball screen action.


    2 and 4 stay spaced and read help side defenders.

  • 5 slips toward corner/short corner or potentially could pop since this this player is a shooting threat. Either way, 5 clears out a double driving gap for 3 to get to rim or create.