Stacks High - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Here is a set play that starts out with high stacks and morphs into a 1-4 set. This is a great set because it gets the ball swinging from side to side, has action going both towards and away from the basket, as well as a ball screen. You can also adapt this play so that 2 and 4 play pick and pop after the ball screen or you can pop 1 out for a 3pt chance off a stagger screen from 4 and 5 after 4 ball screens 2. 

  • Basketball Play - Stacks High
  • Basketball Play - Stacks High
  • Basketball Play - Stacks High
  • 2 and 3 break out to the wings

    1 passes to 2 and then cuts to the weak side block

  • 4 screens 5

    5 sprints to ball screen 2, but slips to the rim before the screen is set

  • 4 ball screens 2 and then runs off a double screen from 5 and 1 to the corner

    2 attacks and passes to 3

    3 passes to 4 in the corner for a 3 or driving opportunity