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About This Play/Drill

Alyssa Thomas scored 23 points and pulled down 12 rebounds, Tianna Hawkins added a career-high 23 points and the No. 8 Maryland Women (20-3, 7-3 ACC) beat No. 22 Georgia Tech 64-56 on Monday night.

This hard fought contest, in which the lead changed hands eight times and the score was tied 12 times, gave the Terps their 20th win for the eighth consecutive season under head coach Brenda Frese.

As excited as the Maryland Women's staff was to win this game, and reach this milestone, it was a coach on the Maryland Men's staff that they wanted us to highlight this week!

Assistant coach Scott Spinelli, took over for Head Coach Mark Turgeon when Turgeon was ejected from their game vs. Miami on February 1st.  Spinelli, a member of Turgeon’s staffs for six seasons, said Turgeon’s eruption was the coach’s way of sparking life into his players, who were far too timid against a more physical, hungry Miami team.

Spinelli led the Terps to an exciting comeback, from down 16 points, that fell just short in a 90-86 double-overtime loss; however, Spinelli's leadership in an adverse situation showed why he is a rising star in the coaching profession. The video below shows an example of Maryland perfectly executing a play drawn up by Spinelli in a huddle, and is detalied in the FastDraw diagrams below.

  • Basketball Play - Maryland Women: Double Double
  • Basketball Play - Maryland Women: Double Double
  • Basketball Play - Maryland Women: Double Double
  • Basketball Play - Maryland Women: Double Double
  • Frame 1:  1 enters to 4 stepping high from a Horns alignment, then cuts to the basket looking for a return pass.

  • Frame 2:  1 sets a Flex Screen for 2. 4 can hit 2 if open.

  • Frame 3:  5 pin screens for 1, who enters into a dribble handoff with 4 at the top of the key and dribbles outside the lane.

  • Frame 4:  4 and 5 set a staggered double screen for 2 looping to top of key for a 3.

Thanks again to Coach Bowden and the Maryland staff for sharing a piece of their FastDraw playbook with the Fast Model Family. We are always proud to showcase our Fast Model clients and their ideas.

We also love hearing from our "Play of the Day" fans via e-mail and on Twitter. If you see a play or drill that you really like, let us know and we will do our best to include you whenever possible.

If you would like to learn more about the Maryland Women's Basketball Program, you can get a great look at: