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About This Play/Drill

This is a secondary break play based off of what was presented by Bob Hoffman, head coach at Mercer University.  The presentation was made at the 2014 NABC Convention in Dallas.

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  • Basketball Play - Circle "Fist"

Frame 1
The play begins with #1 dribbling at #2 and looking to make the pass to him for the backdoor lay-up. While this is happening, #5 will come to the nail to clear space.

Frame 2
If we cannot hit #2 on the back cut, #3 will come off of a stagger double set by #'s 4 and 5. We want #3 to score going to the basket or look to post up in the low post.

Frame 3
Off of the stagger double, #5 will step out to the point and look to catch if we cannot pass to #3. When we are not able to pass to #5, we go into our counter called "Circle Fist".

Frame 4
"Circle Fist" is run when #5 is denied the pass and, as a result, sets a ball screen for #1. While this is occuring, #4 will look to get the duck-in and #2 will move out to the help-side wing.


Once #1 clears the screen, #3 will step out and set a back screen for #5. We will look for a jump shot by #1, the lob to #5, the duck-in to #4 or pass to #2 to get us a possible post feed or move right into our half-court offense.