Schrempf Shooting - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Saw Detlef Schrempf demo this on Youtube.  It's one of my favorite shooting drills near the basket because it requires good footwork.  If a player knows how to position their body and use their feet  to set up a  drop step, hook, and up and under they should be able to score near the basket.  After catching and drop stepping, player 1 continues curling around the cone and catching a pass.  The next shot is a catch and shoot hook.  The third shot is and up and under.  The fourth shot is if a player is denied a pass in the post they spins away from the defense for the lob pass.  After getting the footwork down without defense then dummy defense should be applied.  The defense should over play to allow the offense player to get a feel for the reads.  As an offensive players skill and comfort level increases with the dummy defense, then the defense should increase their intensity.  

  • Basketball Play - Schrempf Shooting
  • Basketball Play - Schrempf Shooting
  • Player 1 curls around the cone and recieves a pass from a coach. Player 1 drop steps for the finish.

  • Player 1 gets their own rebound and passes the ball out to the coach. Player 1 comes around the opposite cone, catches a pass in the middle of the lane and drop steps for another layup.